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Vicki Hogarth brings you local news throughout the week on NewsBreak26.

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Did you know that up to 5% of your cable subscription was meant to support local TV?

Even though the CRTC states, "the Community Television Policy, is commendable and remains important", after being lobbied by Canada's telecom giants, a CRTC decision now allows community channel funding to be directed to commercial TV stations.

New Brunswick is the only province where all commercial local TV is
owned and operated by the same companies that are also the TV service subscription providers who
direct most of that local funding out of province.

CHCO-TV and other Canadian independent community channels
receive no traditional funding because the CRTC ruled in 2016 that funding these stations
"introduces a destabilizing element into the broadcasting system." Imagine that!

Please help continue quality local programming here in New Brunswick.