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Broadcast Schedule current until May 8th, 2016

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NEWS HEADLINES Lauren Naish brings you weekly News Headlines on Tuesdays at 8:00pm

THE DENNIS REPORT with host Dennis Atchison examines news stories and how they are interconnected. Current programs discuss private woodlots, Green Party leader David Coon.

YOUR TURN A live call-in program featuring a variety of topics, hosts and guests looking for you to chime in with our two cents.

Jay Remer- THE ETIQUETTE GUY Going to a party, wedding, or having guests over? Don't be late, but take time to watch the Etiquette Guy! Jay gives you something to think about dealing with every day business and social etiquette situations.

PlayCHCO-TV BINGO every Tuesday at 7:00PM
$100 Crazy T
$100 Any Two Lines
$100 All Around the FREE
$100 Any 2 Postage Stamps
$100 Any line with 4 Corners
$100 Letter X

Final Cover All Jack Pot Game
$3000 Full Card (in 49 balls called)

$2000 (in 50 or 51)
$1500 (in 52 or 53)
$1000 (in 54 or 55)
$500   (in 56)
$250   (57 or more balls called)